Thursday, 13 October 2016

Birthday Boy

It has been awhile.

*sweeping off spider web*

These last few months have been exhausting and mentally-draining; high turnover from the ward with people come and go. I have been caught up with TV shows that are currently running on their new seasons like How To Get Away with Murder, Quantico and Grey's Anatomy. I have been reading new books from James Patterson and a new one from J.D Robb. I have been doing some works; medically related of course. I have been meeting some people and they are not from Tinder's matches (still no luck in romantic's life). 

Anyway, it was my birthday 3 days ago and I have come to this stage where I do not want to celebrate it anymore and I do not feel like to tell anyone about it, at all. I feel "old" and I can not do parties anymore. So I came to work on Monday and my colleague brought me beautifully cooked Briyani rice as the Monday's gift. I thanked her (as a grateful human being) and I slipped saying "it's my early birthday gift too!". Then, the birthday wishes were rolling, spiralling around the workplace and my other colleague bought me a cake too (since I tend to eat cakes at the cafeteria whenever I have a bad day). 

It is amazing that at this new place which I am still trying to fit into and all these thoughtful people had made my day brighter than I thought how it would have been. I was thinking that I might spend my birthday watching Netflix with a jar of gourmet Ice-Cream in hands instead. I was wrong and the day could not get any better when I had spent dinner with them at a Thai's place. 

I am thankful for all the blessings and people who have entered into my life. 

*hands together and bow*

I also made myself a mug cake topped with ice-cream and biscuits :)

p/s: I am also excited for my new adventure next year which is probably the best birthday's gift ever.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Sukha Cafe @ Kuching

This was the highlight of my cafe hopping in Kuching recently. I have been wanting to come here but it is just too far and parking spots are hardly to be seen. Most of the days, it is always crowded by college students from SEGI.

There were old bicycles hung on the ceiling, with delicate crane origami dangling underneath them. It is cozy and welcoming; I love hanging around here. They are open till late and you will not be surprised at students flashing their laptops till midnight there.

I tried their specialty the charcoal waffle and I enjoyed it. The ice cream was soft and flavourful with tinge of salted caramel sauce to perk up the taste. If it was not the salted egg yolk (because I am not a fan, sorry guys), it would have been a delightful meal. There are plenty of meals to try out anyway, surely any menu will appeal to your palate.

Check them out!

Sukha Cafe.
Block 16 Brighton Square, Jalan Song.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Rusty Bean and Batter @ Kuching

Sigh. It was a long day strolling along with my mum in Vivacity and I needed a break. While my mum rushed into the Everise to complete her groceries list, I was staring at this mini cafe near the entrance. 

The barista looked like he knew what he was doing and I needed a quick caffeine booster!

A mini guide for coffee amateurs out there!

I am pretty sure there is another branch in ST3, from my faint memory. I love their coffee and I like the quirky murals.

They serve breakfast meals too like waffle and pancake. So dear husbands, if your wives have to do groceries shopping and you are not to keen to drag your feet around, you can stick around in the cafe. 

I did not have a chance to try the food since my mum was wailing out at my name from Everise after 10 seconds ordering but they looked good on the paper!

Check them out guys!

Rusty Bean and Batter.
Vivacity, Kuching.