Monday, 2 December 2013

Annuar BBQ Steamboat Corner @ Kuching.

It claimed as a Malay-owned steamboat house in Kuching which prompted me to have a family dinner over there.

My comment:

Food (5/10)

Wide selections of cold meat (thinly sliced beef, lamb, marinated chicken), seafood (prawns, crabs) veggies and snacks (crab stick etc).  But according to my mum, they were a bit old as they didn't taste that good and fresh.
You can eat as much as you can (free flow drink available, continuous food supply through out the night) and side dishes like "Laksa Sarawak, Spaghetti, Manok Pansoh" were also available.
Crabs were the main limelight of the night, you are so lucky if you can get few of them on your plate since they finished up quickly.

Price (8/10)

It was quite affordable (RM22 per adult and RM11 per child) but considering the quality of food that you might get and the comfort of the place itself, the price was questionable. But on the bright side, you can eat as much as you can!

Facilities (6/10)

Toilets were clean but too wet for me. There is a function room available upstairs which was equipped with karaoke machine but the price per head is more expensive than those who seated downstairs.

Comfort (4/10)

I was seated outdoor next to the narrow road where all cars passing by, and I had to walk back and forth to get the steamboat ingredients in the restaurant which I found was not convenient. It practices self-service so you collect your own cooking and eating utensils (plates, thongs, forks and spoons etc) from the main building.

Location (5/10)

It was a bit secluded and you better come as early as 7 pm just to get a nearby empty parking spot if you're planning to have dinner there. The place itself is surrounded by other famous steamboat houses like D11 etc so surely the area is infested with hungry mankind when it's dinner time!

Overall (5/10)

It was a good try but I will probably wait for another 6 months to come back here; by that time I hope it has improved a lot!

Pay them a visit at:

    Jalan Persiaran Ban Hock. Kuching.