Sunday, 8 June 2014

Gim's Burger @ Kuching

Excuse me for my poor photos captured by my old iPhone. Someone needs to be upgraded. Soon perhaps.

Anyway, I managed to drop by at this new burger house, Gim's Burger which is across Lodge International School near Tabuan there. 

I love the interior deco; I felt like I was in a cowboy's house (if they live in a house or a ranch or a stable. Whatevs)

I ordered their most expensive burger, the Gozira burger (and just in case if you just watched the Godzilla movie and still have the ticket with you, you can show it to them and they'll get 10% off -for this burger only). 

It's like a burger with all kinds of animal products partying in it; chicken, beef patty, beef bacon, egg etc. 

It was not too bad. Tastes like an ORDINARY burger (at least it didn't taste like a pizza). Just a tad salty for me. The beef patty was dry and crumbly though. 

Don't worry, it is Halal according to them.