Thursday, 4 December 2014

Trenos Coffee @ Kuching

I was feeling a bit adventurous last night so I tried out the new eatery in town, Trenos Coffee. The name must be coming from Greek words I assume but put your worries aside, it's Halal according to the owner there.

Carbonara RM 12.90

When I first looked up about in on its Facebook page, it says it is a fine dining restaurant so I was dressing up with my nice suede shoes on (even though it was raining). 

I was wrong, it's like other typical restaurants with a huge sign board above it. It's right next to the McDonald's along Jalan Keretapi. So it's not that hardly to miss. 

Food wise, I think they are superb mainly the drinks. I had aglio olio and green tea latte and both were amazing. Love them!

Aglio Olio

My friends had carbonara, cheesy baked chicken (which my friend was not so fond of), nachos and pudding but they enjoyed their drinks the most; the lattes. 

Green Tea Latte

Price wise, was reasonable. Affordable I guess. Cheaper than Fork and Knife.

Nachos with bolognaise sauce


Cheesy Baked Chicken