Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Kch Clean Food @ Kuching

1. Clean food for fit enthusiast

That's what I assumed when I first heard of the restaurant. You would expect muscular men flocking into the restaurant and filling the seats but ladies, most of the customers are just regular men with belly and moustaches. Fret not, their food is still sexier to devour on.

2. Pricey

Price wise, I think I can get a better portion of food with the same price from other restaurants like Magna Carta. I paid RM17 for a serve of chicken chop with mashed potatoes and veggies. The mashed potatoes was actually quite nice, well-seasoned but it was so little and I wish they could give extra dollops of it on the plate. Yet, considering how much calories in it, I guess the portion was kinda reasonable. Well, you asked for a clean food, did not you?

3. They sell protein shakes!

Great news, gym goers! There are plenty of interesting menus to try on especially the drinks; from detox water to different flavours of protein shakes! It caters everyone's needs from muscle building and fat losing, or maybe just a regular need for fresh and clean food once in a while.

4. Cosy

I love the interior; it's really cosy and inviting. Great place to catch up with friends and their coffees are twice better than Starbucks so they can keep you up at night entertaining each other company. It is air conditioned and there is a glass wall to protect you from the toxic smokes from cigarettes puffers. Yeah, what an irony.

5. Faceless muscular man holding a platter

It's not that hard to find this restaurant; if you know where the CIMB Rubber Road is. it is only few blocks behind the bank. You will recognise a round sign of a man with uncountable abs holding a platter above the restaurant. Give them a visit guys!

Kch Clean Food
Ground Floor. Lot 297. Rubber Road. Kuching