Sunday, 7 June 2015

DP Ice Cream Gula Apong @ Kuching

If you are looking for an authentic palm sugar ice-cream or famously known as aiskrim gula apong, DP Ice Cream Gula Apong is a place for you! Packed with full and bold flavour of gula apong with a big serve and customised topping, surely RM 5 spent here is worth it.

And, if you feel like your soft serve is lacking that "umphh", you can ask for more gula apong (yeayy!!) and they will not hesitate to let you pour a gush of gula apong on it! Seriously they are not that stingy. 

It is a small shop next to Kapit Hotel (near the cat statue), and most people will park their cars along the road which sometimes can cause a massive traffic congestion. There is a red bench and few tables and chairs for their customers to sit back and enjoy their cool ice creams!

RM 5 (as pictured above) and RM 2 for small serving.

My view from the shop.

You will pick a number for your order and they will call out your number once your ice cream is ready to go!

It is next to Kapit Hotel and do not get surprised with the number of cars park alongside the road.