Thursday, 3 December 2015

Nuromen Cafe @ Kuching

I love red meat and I love this shop!

It's a beef specialty shop and they serve imported Halal beef from Down Under. They taste so good! Juicy and fresh!

So let me help you to pick the menu;

1. They serve the traditional Sarawak Kolo Mee (regular vs special).

2. They do have their signature dishes; a bowl of rice served with beef, special sauce, taugehs, some pickled veggies and their sous-vide eggs.

3. Beef hotpot. This is the best! You can pick the serving size, 2-pax vs 4-pax and each table had the electronic cooker installed so you will cook the meats in the heated beef broth. Sometimes the broth dries quicker than you thought, so do not set the temperature too high. (Apparently you can have extra broth refill for an extra small fee)

This is for 2-pax. Sirloin hotpot.
4. You can pick your side dishes as well like garlic noodle or extra rice. 

The shop itself it is not hard to find; it is around Sarawak Plaza and just across Sanga Japanese restaurant (do not rely on Google Maps since it leads you to this weird tire workshops).

Their signature dish was quite okay but to me, it was a bit salty (I am not a big fan of salt, so it is my personal preference).

But otherwise, great ambience to chill and great food!

Go head down to Nuromen Cafe!

p/s: You can tell how much I love this shop by the number of exclamation marks that I used.