Wednesday, 15 March 2017


When the news broke out that Adele was touring in Down Under, I thought the "Rumour Has It" but I was wrong. She was indeed coming over, flying miles away to entertain thousands of Aussies here. 

I was seated quite close to the main stage though I wished I could have spent more to sit near the VIP areas because the "One and Only" was belting out her major hits for the entire 2 hours. 

Began with "Hello", her soulful voice echoed throughout the massive Adelaide's Oval and her British wits had charmed nearly 70 000 concert-goers who once debuted with "Chasing Pavements".

Of course any concert would not be completed with any fireworks as she tried to "Set Fire to The Rain" and she had us all "Rolling in The Deep" about her previous scorned lover.

The highlight of my night was when her emotional performance of "Make You Feel My Love" stirred my old memories that reminds me Adele makes any break-ups should be embraced with open arms. 

Though the concert overall was not as visually stellar like Beyonce's with magnificent visual effects and diligent costumes changing, her one and only maroon glittery dress performance stole every major news' headlines on the next day and nobody else could be "Someone Like You" Adele.