Wednesday, 22 March 2017


I (again) managed to squeeze my last few days in Kuching with a quick visit to Seoul. It was for my sister's informal graduation from her medical school and possibly she was wishing that she could meet any those Oppas that have been frontlining the global obsession. 

So I arrived few days later than them (since I have been there before and I wanted to skip their touristy plans) and I stayed at this shared accomodation near Hong-dae Station, the CrossRoad Backpackers. I love Hong-dae area; it is bustling with youngsters and it is always happening. There will be street performances, food stalls, shops selling their latest clothing trends and it is easily accessible to the rest of the Seoul's Metro. 

It was unfortunate that we came during their New Year's national holiday so most of their local Halal restaurants were closed for few days; namely EID Halal, Makan Halal restaurant, BoA Guesthouse Dosirak and Yeoksam Yang BBQ. While there are few Halal Indian or Arab food, of course I am yearning for their local dishes made best by Koreans. 

A trip to Seoul will not be completed if you are not getting those Korean's other specialties, their skin care. Seoul is known as the beauty mecca; natural or procedural aesthetic values were strongly held and deep rooted in the community. Myeong dong was where we spent our last day; with miles of shopping lots to explore and also feasted on their street food! Those baked scallops and lobsters, spicy rice cakes and the mountain high ice creams!

It was a Seoul-ful journey. 

Congrats sister!