Saturday, 6 May 2017

Cyber Bullying

A 20 year-old Penangite jumped from 4-storey flat to his death, was suspicious as a victim to cyber bullying. 

Another sidestory; a rubbertapper’s son was forced to drink a “strange” fluid that put him into suffocation and died.

I was one of those who never take this matter seriously; I was puzzled on how words and impressions that were manifested online (without being verbally projected) could affect someone’s self-esteem and confidence that might lead to them being suicidal. But this is my soft story about cyberbullying. 

I just spent a year overseas and I went back to my hometown to catch up with old mates (not that I knew one of them was double-crosser scoundrel). So we hung out for that day and I even dropped him back home. 

Few days after, I came across my another friend (that I had never seen for a while) posted a Facebook status about me (without being subtle) that I’d changed just from a year in overseas (obviously sourced from the fraudster); that I’d put on my sunnies indoor as if the sun was shining over me, I talked about stranger’s mismatched outfits and uncoordinated colours as if I was trendy enough, that I acted as if I just arrived from Pluto (the dwarf planet) etc. Surprisingly, people that I knew were blasting their comments into that status and wrote all their ambitious judgemental thoughts about me.

It was definitely shocking to see people that I knew were able to say those petty things at me. It was even sadder as well looking at myself being mocked publicly without any tiny tinges of humility. 

So there I was staring at my laptop with numbness tingling around my body and my jaw frozen. But I knew that was once off thing and I should just brush it off. I was lucky I could get away from it like literally flying abroad for my next semester and puffff it dissipated into thin air.

Just because you think it is funny and a pleasurable thing to do, you could never believe “oh-it’s-only-typed-not-real-words” could impose on someone’s mentally and physically. Different people may have their own coping mechanism; they may lock themselves in their rooms, maybe cutting their wrists to let the pain subdues the torture, or maybe sweat it off. 

As much as you do not want this to happen to you, do not let it happen to someone else. 

P/s: Inspired from Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and real-life experience.